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The journey into or deeper into motherhood is extremely vulnerable, spiritual, exciting, and full of the unexpected. My role as a birth keeper is to hold the birth space sacred and offer mothers the tools needed to guide her own experience. My goal is for mothers to feel seen, educated, and in their power throughout the journey–whether she decides to birth at home, in a birth center, at a hospital, or even unassisted.


Here's what to expect from me as your certified holistic birth keeper:

  • Three Meetings Before Birth
  • Meeting 1: We'll get to know one another, begin preparing your heart for birth, and learning ways to connect with your baby.
  • Meeting 2: We'll go over birth education, inner healing practices, your birth decisions, and envisioning your dream birth.
  • Meeting 3: We'll go over safety considerations, using your voice, and methods for those present to best support you during labor.
  • Throughout the duration of your pregnancy, I am available for calls and virtual support.

  • Birth Photography
  • During labor, I attend as a birth photographer. I aim to not disturb the birthing process as much as possible and to document the experience with authenticity. While I am primarily a photographer during the birth, I am present in service to the mother. If this mean putting down the camera to assist or stepping away at her request, her needs are my priority.
  • I am on-call beginning at 36 weeks and will come to the birth when requested.
  • If a mother chooses to opt out of photography during the labor, I offer attendance as a space holder and sister who is available to assist, be advised I am not a medical provider.

  • Meeting Post-Delivery
  • Meeting 1: Birth debrief, postpartum processing and support

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