Hi, I'm Stella.

I am a birthkeeper, photographer, and natural birth enthusiast based in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a holistic birthkeeper, I work with women to call in their transcendent and natural home birth experience. I am devoted to helping deconstruct the myths and conditioning that lead to fear of birth and ultimately, birth sabotage. Birth is an initiation into a woman's highest level of freedom and spiritual awakening, and my commitment is to support mothers to access their transformative birth experience.

Freedom Birth Story is a portal to calling in your dream home birth. Along the way, I've got a camera and a spirit full of awe that is eager to document your magical motherhood journey.

The day I met my precious Haven.

On September 22, 2022, I woke up from my sleep with a bursting gush of my waters releasing. Nine blissful, earth-shattering, and transcendent hours later, Haven came home. I was forever transformed.

I have always carried an affinity towards the beauty, messiness, and spontaneity of birth. As a graduate of the Radical Birthkeeper School, I have in depth knowledge of how natural and undisturbed birth is designed to unfold. I support mothers who aim to give birth in freedom. For me, this looked like bringing my baby girl earth-side in the safety of my own home.

The motherhood journey sacred and should be honored as so. I combine birthkeeping and photography to help mothers experience their ideal birth story and capture the memories.


I believe in the physiological and spontaneous process of mammalian birth. Birth is a mother’s sacred birthright and any woman charged with the opportunity to give birth should have the freedom to decide how she wishes to usher in this new life. By birthing outside of the system, I was able to fully claim my sovereignty.

Birth belongs to the mother.

I knew that by choosing to give birth in the comfort and safety of my own home, I was paving the path of freedom for myself and my child. I was able to fully rely on the intricate, innate, and intentional design of birth, and trust my body's wisdom to usher in new life.

As a birthkeeper, I take a holistic approach to guiding women to prepare their hearts to give birth autonomously. I partner with mothers to manifest their dream birth by creating a birth vision, doing the work to prepare for birth day, understanding how birth works physiologically, navigating variations of normal vs emergencies, and debriefing their birth experience.

In loving memory of you, Mommie

I am because you were

My mother would often joke about her “biiig baby” (as she affectionately called me) shooting out of her birth canal–10 pounds and determined to take on the world. She named me Stella, her namesake and carbon copy. 

Freedom Birth Story is dedicated to the legacy of my beautiful mother. May her vivacious spirit live on.