Sharing your story is medicine.

Did your birth experience leave you feeling uneasy or confused?

Is your memory of birth hazy, traumatic, and/or unclear?

Has your postpartum experience been particularly challenging or lonely?

Have you been met with bypassing and dismissiveness when trying to share your concerns with your loved ones?

I am here to tell you that you are not alone.

Unravel the layers of what happened, and heal.

If your birth experience did not meet your expectations, sharing your birth story is the first step towards healing. During your Birth Story Healing Sessions, we will unpack what happened, what may have lead to the outcome, and how you can start moving forward.

Healing is not a straightforward process, it comes in waves. These sessions offer you a safe and judgement-free space to come with reflections, questions, and story medicine.

It is extremely frustrating to feel like your words are falling on deaf ears. I am here to listen, offer a clear and nuanced perspective, and provide space to help you move towards healing.

No matter how your birth unfolded, there is freedom in your story.


$150 for 2 75-Minute Sessions

  • Session 1: I am all ears. Share your story and I will share my reflections.
  • Session 2: Integration follow-up call

Full payment for both sessions due upon booking. No refund policy.