Experiencing the transformative power of natural birth will not only unlock the force you have within, but it will heal the generations to come. The Birth in Freedom Course is your guide to overcoming fear, deconstructing myths, uncovering the truth, and understanding the physiology of natural birth so that you enter the portal in full confidence and prepared to call in your dream home birth experience.

We have been lied to.

We live in a world that has painted birth as:

The most painful and miserable experience in life.

Unbearable without numbing medication.

Too dangerous without medical intervention and fear mongering.

Crazy expensive and restricting.

Systemic and Submissive

But What if I told you birth is Actually designed to be:

The utmost surrender to love, trust, and self-actualization.

Full of ecstatic hormones that guide you through the intensity of labor.

Fun and blissful when you enter the birth portal with the right mindset.

Safest when left to its natural process.

Not costly or unaffordable.

Freeing and Powerful

If you are ready to experience the life-changing experience of giving birth from the safety and comfort of your own home, this course is for you.

Birth in Freedom is your birthright.

Through birth, women are entrusted with the opportunity to transcend the physical realm in order to bring forth new life. When she is fully present and sovereign during this momentous rite of passage, she experiences the fullness of her divinity and power.

Whether you are giving birth unassisted or with a birth team, The Birth in Freedom Course explores emotional, spiritual, and practical work that prepares your mind, body, and spirit to give birth in power and autonomy.

So, what's inside?

Module 1


Birth in

Freedom Mindset

Why Birth in Freedom?

Deconstructing Fear & Myths

Power of Your Mind and Tongue

Sovereignty & The Divine Feminine

Mind, Body, Spirit, Birth



for your

Birth in Freedom

Trusting Pregnancy

The Physiology of How Birth Works

The Key to Laboring Undisturbed

Choosing Your Birth Team

Why Your Voice Matters


Calling In Your Freedom Birth Story

The Dance of Birth

Avoiding Exhaustion

Golden Hour

Your Sacred Placenta

The Truth about Hospital Transfer

Facing the Unknown


Birth in Freedom Bonus Offerings



Music Playlists

Mini-Doc of My Birth in Freedom